Tom P’s Garden

Tom’s Garden is in Oak Cliff and he has been working hard the last 3 years to transform his former grassy lawn into a garden of color and surprises. Here are some photos of his backyard.

Yard art, a bird bath fountain and a variety of shade plants are the features of this nook of the garden.
A bird feeder and a variety of shade loving plants are the features in this section of the garden.
A variety of shrubs and flowering plants mark this work in progress. Note the mirrors on back fence to add depth to the garden.

The view from the patio features Dusty Miller in the foreground, coreopsis and giant cone flowers. Further back are Vitex and Bridal wreath.

Tomato and squash plants in grow bags lined up for the afternoon sun with a sprinkler system for those hot summer days with no rain.
Japanese Maple
Unique Iris