Clark Gardens – May 19, 2018

The Clark Gardens is located in Parker County west of the city of Weatherford.    It is out in the country and covers 143 acres.      It is an amazing garden in a country setting.  Here is a link to the website for the gardens:

Here are a few photos  and even a few videos of the Garden Railroad from the RGC road trip to the Clark Gardens on May 19, 2018.

 One of several modern sculptures that greet visitors to the Clark Gardens.

 The entrance to the Channel Gardens.

 The water features of the Channel Gardens.

A multilevel water feature.

 Tomato plants in the edible garden.

There are a number of lakes with water lilies scattered thru the gardens.

Members of  the Rainbow Garden Club North Texas who made the trip this warm May day.

Two videos of the Garden Railroad.  The only garden railroad in a public garden in North Texas.


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